Hat Cap- Heavy Linen100%- Dave Baby Print- Natural

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Fabric: Heavy-Weight Linen100%

Lining: Cotton100%

Made in Japan.

- Allover print

Elastic Band Measurements: cm

M: 55 / 21.6

L: 57 / 22.4

Dave Baby is a British artist based in London whose rustic wood carvings and sculptures exude a ceremonious paganism. One of the original participants in the artistic movement surrounding the House of Beauty and Culture, a boutique/ collective in Dalston whose brief existence in the late 1980s nevertheless had a resounding impact upon the underground scene in London, Dave Baby has continued its ethos throughout his artistic practice, as the repurposing of scrap materials and the adornment of found objects constitutes the majority of his body of work. Known for his characteristic "demon" motif, which he has given multiple forms, from simple wall drawings in public spaces, etching to wooden sculptures, Dave Baby's body of work possesses a quasi-fantastical aspect to it as it lends itself to the imagining of past realities which never were, of lost times and cultures of which one only has the most singular relics.